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Client Testimonials

Thank goodness Stouffville has Karen Gordon! Her expert training in Orton-Gillingham combined with her compassionate approach to learning has led to outstanding results for my daughter. Not only has her reading improved, her self-confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I highly recommend Karen to all parents of dysexic children. Even on snow days my daughter insists on her session with Karen. It is the highlight of her school day! - Sarah N.

"I met Karen because she graciously agreed to spend some time with my daughter and myself to help us help my dyslexic grandchildren. They had been identified as children who would greatly benefit by Orton-Gillingham tutoring and that it was imperative that the agenda start immediately. However, despite extensive searches neither my daughter nor myself was able to find any Orton-Gillingham trained tutors with availability. Karen is in her neighbourhood but was totally booked up. However, the wonder that she is, she did agree to meet with us to give us some suggestions on how to help the kiddos. We were absolutely blown away with her knowledge, her ability to teach and her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude. She is amazing. Her expertise glows. We were so lucky to spend some time with her."

- Leslie Brown 

"When something is too hard, she will help you!" - Current Student

There are two words to descriptive the experience and the service are: Amazing!!! and CARING ☺ . My son was from frustrated to self confidence and eager to read and learning. He told me his teacher Karen always make him feels well and he learns a lot . So, his joy for learning come back again. We appreciate all the detail attention in the structure of his classes.

All the communication when is need it. Because these classes are tailored to what the kid need more. She has the patiente, the knowledge and a lot of caring to listen the kid. She makes sure that the kid has the tools and skill technique to continue growing. Parents sometimes feel very confuse, like us, but when you start to see the improvement you really think that you make the right decision.

I would like that my son would have the same great teacher in the school and really tried to help the kids when children has a learning disability or even if they do not have a learning disability. Learning should be a fun, creative and enjoyable process where kids has the best seed to continue growing. It is not about if they talk to much or walk to much. And that’s what your kid is going to find when he takes classes with Mrs. Gordon and enjoyable process in a multisensorial environment with a great quality and the best customer services.

Some kids will take more time than others but parents should be involve and be patients, in order, to start seeing to progress sometimes big steps, sometimes small steps, but the system works. We do not have words to say thank you a very dedicated, professional, caring and inspirational teacher for all the great experience that our son and also us have been having.

Our best recommendation for her program. Thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Serrentino

Innisfiel, Ontario